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Learning to sing is just like learning to play any instrument well. Your technique is fundamental to your progression. 

Every 1-2-1 lesson is tailored to you and your needs alone. Whether you struggle to find and use your whole range or with your composure and breathing whilst performing, David will help you find and develop the confidence and techniques that are required to deliver a strong, true and authentic sound. We all have a voice which incorporates our own individual and unique qualities, it is simply just a matter of learning to use your voice properly and gain its fullest potential.  

All Stars teaches a wide range of abilities and ages all with a differing reason for wanting to learn to sing. If singing is passion of yours or someone in your family, please don't hesitate to call or email to find out how All Stars can help you find your voice.

  Some of what we will cover;

- Vocal warm ups

- Singing scales and arpeggios with full range

- Breathing exercises and how to use diaphragm correctly

- Articulation and intonation with full vocal range

- Correct phrasing with full vocal range

- Dynamics and sensitivity with full vocal range

- Crossing smoothly through all vocal range

- Mastering singing songs of your style and choice

- Recording own songs and covers to hear progression and grow confidence - Understanding of what any great vocal consists of and how to achieve it

- Composing your own songs to develop personal sound and style

- Training your ears to hear the depth of each phrase and what they entail 

All lessons however will be catered to your personal needs and structured around exactly what you are hoping to achieve with your voice, so come and find your sound.